Acne - 10 Beauty Tips

10 Beauty Tips

Beauty Tip 1

What is the best way to cover up my spots
Nikki aged 14 - London

Alison Dudley's reply:
You can now get medicated concealer sticks, although this is not recommended for using on the whole facial area, it can be helpful for a budding spot or two.

Foundation is okay to use and may give you more confidence if you've got a hot date, but remember to look for oil-free or 'non-comedogenic'.

Whatever you use to put it onto your skin, wash your hands or sponge before applying foundation.

Beauty Tip 2

I have been told I have a combination skin and I don't know what products are going to be best for my skin. I get spots on my forehead and nose area, but my cheeks are fairly dry. Can one product do it all or do I have to buy two or more
Sam 15, Carlisle

Alison Dudley's reply:
Good news! You don't have to spend a fortune on skin care to get what you need to help your skin. There are so many makes of skin care products now that you have lots of choice.

You don't need to buy toners either, they will merely make your skin feel tight and refreshed, but do very little else to help with your daily skincare routine.

Beauty Tip 3

Could my make-up be causing my spots
Jackie 15, Leeds

Alison Dudley's reply:
Sometimes make up can make your spots worse, but it won't be the only reason why you get spots.

You need to look out for non-comedogenic or oil free products and make sure you cleanse your face properly each night.

The Acne Support Group has a guide to which ingredients in make-up may aggrevate your acne.

Beauty Tip 4

Is is okay to have a facial because I always get a break out after one and my beauty therapist doesn't seem bothered by it - but I am!
Cassie 18, Newcastle

Alison Dudley's reply:
It can be a real treat to have the odd facial, as they can be very relaxing and make you feel properly pampered.

However, you should be aware that they should not be used to help 'treat' spots as this is best done with stronger products you can usually get from a doctor or pharmacist.

Sometimes a beauty therapist will also squeeze out any spots and blackheads which if it's not done properly, may cause a bigger headache than before you went!

Beauty Tip 5

I went to the beauty counter, they told me if I cleanse, tone and moisturise everyday that my spots will go - is this true
Surinder 16, Bradford

Alison Dudley's reply:
If only life were that simple! Spots are not caused by dirt, so no amount of cleaning and toning is going to get rid of them.

Beauty counter staff will have had little basic training in skin care and will usually be there to push a particular brand.

They want to make a sale, whilst you want good advice - sometimes the two don't match up! Forget the toner.

Go and see your doctor for sensible advice about your skin.

Beauty Tip 6

I have got Afro hair and I use pomade oil to help keep it looking good. I seem to get spots around this area what can I use instead
Ebony14, Hammersmith

Alison Dudley's reply:
There is a type of acne known as 'pomade acne' and it sounds like this is what might be happening to you.

The best thing would be to stop using pomade products altogether. However, if you really don't want to, the best advice I can give you is to towel off any excess pomade before going to bed each night.

When applying, try to ensure that you don't get it near your hair-line.

Beauty Tip 7

I love wearing make up, it makes me feel more confident, but I have noticed I am starting to get spots on my cheeks now where I never got them before, I always wear blusher - could there be a connection Cara 14, Bristol

Alison Dudley's reply:
Make sure you wash any make up tools, including sponges and brushes as often as possible as these become a breeding ground for bugs which can cause your spots to pop up.

Leave the blusher off for a few days, use some medicated products (ask your pharmacist which one) and allow the skin to recover before using blusher again.

If the cream dries your skin out a bit, apply an oil free moisturiser afterwards and then the make up on top.The Acne Support Group has a guide to make-up and acne.

Beauty Tip 8

I only seem to get a couple of spots when I go to a party - and it is really annoying to have one or two 'bumps' on my otherwise smooth skin - any tips
Jade 17, London

Alison Dudley's reply:
Simple! If it has developed a yellow 'pus' head, then following the acne support group traffic light guide to squeezing spots and gently squeeze the top off during the day. This will allow the skin a few hours to dry and start healing.

Dabbing some tea tree oil on it should help speed up the process a little. Then just before going out, put foundation on the whole face, including the spot, together with some light face powder (remember clean sponge or brush) and with an eyeliner, obviously brown or black, carefully dab on a beauty spot to make Cindy Crawford jealous!

Don't make it too big and if you have more than one spots chances are you will look like a dot-to-dot so subtle is the word here.

Beauty Tip 9

I have heard Tee tree oil is good for spots what do you think of the washes
Jack 13, Middlesex

Alison Dudley's reply:
Tea tree oil comes in many forms now and is well recognised as helping spots in a similar way to benzoyl peroxide mentioned previously.

The washes should be okay to use and the purer the oil the better when it comes to dabbing on stubborn or freshly brewing spot. It can help control the severity of the spot.

Remember, if you see no improvements within 2 months, then change what you are using and if need be talk to your doctor about getting a different treatment.

The Acne Support Group has lots of information on other treatments available.

Beauty Tip 10

Is there any way of disguising my spots on my back when I go swimming
Samantha 15, Littlehampton

Alison Dudley's reply:
The best tip is, whilst waiting for your medication to really kick in, you will find a good selection of higher backed costumes even in High Street stores now.

The more specialist sports shops may be of help and mail order companies will have brochures you can read through in the privacy of your own home.

If you have spots on your chest as well, there are some trendy costumes, which are high necked.

But, the main thing is not to let your spots stop you enjoying life. After all, you are doing a positive thing by getting them treated.

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