Vitamin & Nutrition Center

Welcome to the Vitamins and Nutrition Center, where you will find information on vitamins, the latest vitamins research, expert knowledge on vitamins and tips for proper supplementation with vitamins.
General Information on Vitamins
Vitamins are an integral part of our lives and here we review basic information on vitamins. Why take them What are their benefits What dosages should you take Which vitamins should you avoid, if any

The Vitamins Center
Hundreds of articles about the various ways in which vitamins benefit us, how vitamins work, why we cannot produce certain vitamins on our own and the differences between vitamins in different forms.

Vitamins Research Center
We have pulled hundreds of published research on vitamins and presented them to you in plain English. See what the latest clinical research says about your favorite vitamins and the positive impact that vitamins can have on diseases.

Vitamins Guide
Detailed information on specific vitamins, including Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Vitamin E. Minerals and many herbs are also profiled.

Vitamin Links
Links to our approved websites, other helpful resources and valuable sources of information.

Multivitamin Information Center
General information you should know about multivitamins. What should you look for in a multivitamin Which vitamins in your multivitamin should you limit your intake of, if any

Minerals Guide
Indepth information on various essential minerals such as zinc, sodium, magnesium and chromium and their effects on the body.

Vitamins Email Course
Get 8 daily emails about vitamins delivered right to your inbox, completely free.

Vitamin Discussion Forums (coming soon!)
Chat with others, ask questions and interact with experts on our vitamin discussion forum.

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