Soul Therapy

Soul Therapy
by Manne, Joy

$13.95, 232 pp., ISBN: 1556432550

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North Atlantic Books , 8/1/1997 , paperback
About the Author

Joy Mann has a degree in psychology and a phD in Buddhist psychology. She has practised Vipassana meditation since 1965, taught by Dhiravamsa. She was trained in Spiritual Therapy by Hans Mensink and Tilke platteel-Deur in Holland, 1986-1988. She had her own school of personal and spiritual development in Switzerland between 1989-1995. She is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of the peer-review internet journal The Healing Breath: a Journal of Breathwork practice, psychology and Spirituality available through She has written numerous articles, on Buddhist psychology, Breathwork and the relationship between them, as well as textual studies on the Theravada Buddhist literature in pali. She is the author of Soul Therapy (North Atlantic Books, Berkeley, CA, 1997), a discerning persons guide to personal and spiritual development, which has been translated into Spanish; the shamanovel The Way of the Breath freely available at; and The Breathwork process: From Rebirthing Breathwork through Conscious Breathing Techniques to Shamanic Breathwork and Breathwork Meditation (forthcoming, 2003).

She was a founder member of the International Breathwork Foundation ( and its Newsletter Editor between 1997-2001. She is a major influence in establishing professionalism and professional standards on every level in Breathwork.

Long Description
Manne, a psychotherapist and Buddhist practitioner, offers a variety of new psychotherapy and soul-building techniques. Based on the idea that true healing comes through spiritual development, the goal of Soul Therapy is to bring about harmony between Ego (the focus of Western psychology) and Soul (the spitirual/ethical part of one's consciousness). She suggests that by differentiating between the Ego and the Soul, we can move to a Soul path, where we strive for harmony and balance.


In this caring guide, Joy Manne brings formal training as a psychotherapist, years of experience with meditation and breathwork, and a knowledge of classic Buddhist texts to the unique blend of East and West she calls Soul Therapy. As she says, "Soul does not need therapy. We need Soul Therapy to learn how to live in Soul-level." Manne suggests that by differentiating between the Ego, the focus of Western psychotherapy, and the Soul, the spiritual/ethical part of one's consciousness, we can move to a Soul path, where we strive for harmony and balance.
"In this guide developed from her many years of work as a psychotherapist and teacher, Dr. Manne combines the process of conscious breathing with Voice Dialogue and the psychology of Selves. The result holds great interest for readers involved in personal and spiritual growth." - Hal & Sidra Stone (Stone Hal & Sidra, September 13, 2002).

Soul Therapy gives powerful, simple guidance for healing our core issues. It points the way to how we can create ethical and compassionate relationships with others.' Kylea Taylor, author of The Breathwork Experience (Taylor Kylea, January 1, 2001).

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