Bio Resonance

Bio-Resonance Therapy

A painless, non-invasive therapy developed in Germany alleviating a multitude of ailments.

About 8,000 doctors, specialists & alternative practitioners worldwide, who make use of this method, applaud the success of Bio-Resonance Therapy (brT). Invented 15 years ago in Germany and further pioneered by biophysicists, this innovative & painless therapy 'retunes' the body on a cellular level without the use of chemical medications and without unpleasant, often toxic side effects. A recent statistical study of brT effectiveness reveals that allergies were completely eliminated in 82% of the cases; 11% improved; 5% no change or relapse (attributable to deficiencies during therapy phase); 2% not assessable. presently 25 of the major European medical aid societies compensate for this therapy. Introduced recently, there are presently very few brT machines in Cape Town.

Bio-Resonance Therapy receives & only uses each person's unique energetic information. Our cells, tissues & organs emit different frequencies of which some are healthy (harmonious) & others are unhealthy (discordant). The sophistication & refinement of this instrument lies in its advanced testing method to accurately pinpoint & identify the source of our physical problem. When this is established, the resonances are modified, the body is retuned & so-called 'incurable' ailments are cancelled out permanently.

It treats the body on a cellular level, with its own minutely individualised frequencies. The therapy patterns that are modulated through the Bicom device, resonate with the molecular pathological patterns, leading to a decoupling of the hydrogen bonds & the molecular cluster loses its previously stable configuration & oscillation intensity. Both acute & chronic problems are ameliorated, and the immune system is therefore re-activated & stabilised releasing toxins into the circulation where they are eliminated. The body's energetic information is simply received & conveyed by means of hand-held & other electrodes.

At no time during this therapy is the machine connected to an electrical source, with inexact electrical charges plugged-in to & invading our highly differentiated resonance field. Medical view is quickly accepting that this interpenetrating electromagnetic 'resonant' field (being just a minute part of the entire electromagnetic spectrum of all matter) regulates the biochemical processes of the body. This is a unique holistic biological process, which not only assesses but also treats the body on a cellular level, with its own minutely individualised frequencies that are modulated to perform an extremely individual healing therapy.

Bio-Resonance Therapy has achieved astonishing results in :-
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