Medical astrology one of the main branches of astrology. As it includes remedial measures for harmonizing planetary influences on both body and mind, it is the most practical branch as well. It includes the entire astrology of healing. It is not only helpful for ordinary disease conditions, astrology also has means of diagnosis and treatment for diseases which are not curable by usual medical methods. It gives us a better picture and methodology for dealing with disease that come from internal causes.

Diseases, like all disharmonies in life, are associated with negative planetary influences. There are several methods whereby planetary influences can be balanced and harmonized. The foremost of these is gem-therapy, to which is often allied colour therapy on which it is based. The gems corresponding to the planets are used to redirect planetary influences in a positive way.

Mantras (words of power), Yantras (power diagrams), special rituals (pujas and homas) and other yogic methods for modifying planetary forces are also used. These work more directly on the level of the mind. They are particularly effective for mental disorders, including psychic disorders (on which most mental disorders are really based). They strengthen the aura and the autoimmune system, and clear out negative occult influences, which include a variety of things from our own bad karma from past lives, to the negative thoughts of others to subtle environmental pollutants, like low level radiation.

The planets represent the basic energies operating in the cosmos, the prime qualities which operate in all life. As such, all of our life can be arranged to counteract negative planetary influences in our chart. The right diet, the right herbs, the right location to live, the right livelihood, the right spiritual practices and so on, can all be used to balance planetary forces.

For example, Mars is a hot planet and can cause heat disorders like fever, inflammation, infection, as well as traumas and injury, if it is too strong. Its influence can be countered by cooling food, cooling herbs, a cool climate, cool colours, etc., as well as special gems and mantras for the planet.

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