How Your Body Naturally Works.

To meet your daily energy needs your body must consume calories, these calories are burnt off to produce energy through a process known as thermogenesis.
Any calories which are unused throughout the day become stored as fatty deposits. these stored calories (fat) can be removed by increasing your Metabolism, which in turn burns off more calories allowing less to be stored.

Trying the 3 day Trial challenge pack.

In order to show you how good Inchaid is at causing a thermogenic reaction, we provide a 3 day Trial challenge pack which when taken will provide an immediate and positive noticeable boost in energy. This increase in energy is an indication of a heightened metabolic rate which in turn results in burning off excess calories, causing extraordinary weight loss.

How Does It Work

Inchaid helps to dispose of excess body fat by heightening the bodies own thermogenic levels which are an important and natural physiological process that breaks down ingested stored calories (fat) and turns it into heat and energy. This process is no different to how your body fluids break down fat/calories contained in food turning it into heat and energy. This in turn is picked up by the nerve endings in your stomach, resulting in a signal being sent to your brain telling it you are full, causing your appetite to be suppressed and your metabolic rate to be increased which burns off calories from the food you have eaten.

What's the first thing I will notice

When starting a diet the hardest part is the first few days, as we experience hunger pains, lack of energy, tiredness and stress. The purpose of the Inchaid 3 day Trial pack challenge pack is to show you that there is an easier way with less pain. The immediate effect of the challenge pack is the suppression of your appetite, removing hunger pains and simultaneously an increase in your energy levels.

So what's next (take the 5 week course)

Now you have experienced the amazing feeling of a suppressed appetite with increased energy levels, the next step is to lose even more weight. A full size course of Inchaid is available to help you do this and will last you approximately five weeks. During this time your increased metabolic rate will start to pull on any stored calories (fat) therefore increasing the process of weight loss dramatically.

What can I do at night

Take the Night Time Supplement

To keep your body on a naturally increasing cycle of weight loss, it is highly recommended that Inchaid Night Time supplement is taken.
Inchaid Night Time increases weight loss even further by breaking down stored white fat cells turning them into liquid brown fat, it is then easily burnt off throughout the night and disposed off through your lymphatic system whilst you sleep, thus giving a continuous weight loss 24 hours a day.
Inchaid also contains Amino Acids that work synergistically to stimulate the release of a hormone in your body which energises excess body fat. The result of this is that lean muscle tissue is built to firm up areas of your body so that things don't start to drag, sag or droop.

Some helpful hints.

Listed below are some helpful hints which may help to increase performance:

Take 1 to 2 hours after food
Eat 5 small meals rather than 3 main meals
Drink one glass of water each hour
Always take Inchaid with water
Take Inchaid Night Time for 24 hour weightloss

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