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Diet is very important when you are battling a serious illness. This diet works wonderfully well along side of essiac

Mild Food Diet

Let us define mild food and see why this is the basis of all healing. Fruits are digested and removed from the body in twenty to thirty minutes because they are glucose sugar or simple sugar. Vegetables (not having heavy starch) will digest within forty-five to sixty minutes, when used alone. All vegetables have a certain amount of starch and are not as easily eliminated from the body as fruits. Vegetables, however, digest faster than the more concentrated foods such as starch, meat, and complex sugars. Concentrated foods cause the body to work harder and for a longer period of time in the process of digestion, requiring from four to six hours. pork requires nine hours.

When any of the organic body functions are impaired in any way, the body accumulates waste more readily and eliminates it with greater difficulty, mild foods are more easily digested and moved out of the body, sweeping debris with them in the process (since both fruit and vegetables, especially those high in ascorbic acid, dissolve mucus), while the bulk acts like a broom. This is much like the action of a detergent on an engine to clean it: the debris and mucus has chronically lodged itself: then the natural oils of the vegetables and fruits found in the skins and seeds and roughage act similarly to the additive molybdenum disulfide used in engines to reduce the friction and cause longer life of the engine. It has been popular for this reason to use a soft polyunsaturated oil to help move cholesterol from the blood, for cholesterol is nothing more than mucus waste. The natural oils provide a finer lubricating fluid for all internal organs since they do not become hardened or lodge themselves as do the harder oils found in meat, eggs and hydrogenated or cooked oils. Fruit and nut oils will become hardened and lodge along artery walls when cooked. Nuts or oil producing fruit and vegetables, skins of apples, etc., harden when cooked, also are better eaten raw. For less friction and a more natural lubrication of the body organs, raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and soft raw oils should be used. Less labor to digest and change is required in order for them to be utilized, especially in a sick body already fatigued by debris and toxic waste accumulated over years of eating too many concentrated, constipating foods.

It is also logical to use mild food in case of chronic or acute illness, since an adequate amount of hormones, hydrochloric acid, and enzymes are required to bring the concentrated foods into a state where they can be used by the body during this four to six hour process of digestion. Most people who are chronically sick do not have an adequate hormone balance so as to accurately make these changes. With the inability to make this change accurately, there is then an increase in the toxic waste by virtue of the unutilized foods. Fruit and honey are already glucose sugar and do not need much change. Vegetables have a small amount of starch but still do not require as much body effort in the process of digestion; they also have a cleansing and lubricating action, making them a suitable food for building as well as cleansing, with a minimum of strain on body organs.

There are five main types of foods to be removed from the diet of the sick in order for healing to take place. These 5 food types will be discussed later on in detail once we discuss why they should be removed. We will call them concentrated or mucus forming foods. As long as any of these foods are being taken into the body. Chronic waste will not be eliminated unless it reaches such a state of waste as to destroy the life; then at this state, nature will force an elimination: a cold, flu or any acute disease. During this forced elimination nature does not dig too deeply into chronic disease: she will only take off enough waste to allow life to go on. In order to clean the body to immaculate and beautiful health, mild food, herbs or fasting are the only way. As soon as you start on mild food and herbs, you will prove this to yourself. The body will start to eliminate mucus and waste from all avenues of escape. Your nose will drain if chronic disease is in the head area. As your body begins to clear, you will begin to have good and bad days. If your vitality (or your ability to eliminate; is high, you will immediately feel as though you were acutely ill. These bad days only last a short time, as nature only removes a little at a time. Then you will have some good days for a while and you will feel wonderful on those days, often the way you felt at your best in youth. The world will look new, young and bright as hope for renewal of health begins to strengthen your body.

Then the bad days will return again and as nature digs deeper into the body to root out chronic disease. After a few days the good days return and give you rest as well as hope. As the bad days become further and further apart you will know you are healing. If vitality is low, you will feel better at first until the elimination starts, sometimes taking as long as three weeks. As this wonderful process happens to you, you will hardly be able to remember how bad you felt when you began your program, so when you have a bad day it will be a great annoyance.

An acute illness is any illness that puts you in bed: weakness, dizziness, headache, cold, fever, or virus disease. In defining acute illness, let me give you a completely new concept. A cold is nature's way of saving your life. Call it a nature forced elimination. When you begin to understand this, you will no longer fear disease. You will realize that nature is in the process of saving your life. So the next time you have a cold, enjoy it and remember you had it coming, you earned it. Let nature do her work, such a marvelous work and you can help her as you learn the rules.

Not recognizing what bacteria feeds upon, science has explained it as a necessary outcome of conditions with life on the planet, the one form of life must live on another so as to keep a balance, an epidemic being a disaster to man but a triumphant victory for the virus. They talk of resistance to disease but do not really understand what true resistance is. Bacteria parasites and microbes do not live on sound healthy tissue, but rather upon waste. Bacteria is not the cause of disease, but rather the result.

As your body begins to eliminate the waste, cleansing itself on a mild food diet. In the beginning you should eat more vegetables than fruits; as you feel increasingly better, you can begin to eat more fruit, as fruit draws and loosens the waste too rapidly for anyone with serious chronic disease. Fruit is the builder, cleanser, healer and most perfect food for man. Vegetables slow down the process of elimination somewhat, and concentrated foods bring it to a screeching halt. While your body is cleansing, if you eat concentrated foods, you will stop the process of elimination.

Even though fruit seems to be the perfect food for man, a fruit diet or a long fast can destroy the body in extreme chronic illness because too much waste moves into the blood stream too fast and reacts as if a poison had been taken. The waste of long standing is literally a poison and too much in the blood at one time can kill the body. Herbs and mild food may be used without concern in most chronic illness. The body will heal rapidly using only mild food. But the combination of herbs, vitamins, minerals and mild food is an unbeatable combination.

What to EAT! A detailed description follows below this short list.

All fruitsVegetables(as much raw as possible)All starch vegetables must be baked potato, squash, parsnips, yams.GrainFruit juice (canned, raw or frozen)
Dairy productsVegetable juice (raw only)Butter (Soft)Olive Oil (raw, cold pressed)
All nuts(Suck nuts as long as possible to soften the nut meat before chewing, this speeds digestion)Dried legumesHoney (raw)Sprouts (Alfalfa, bean, grains)

More Information

When grain and beans are sprouted, nature changes them from a starch to a glucose sugar vegetable. The chronically ill generally do not have the powers of correct hormone balance to change the heavy starch in their own bodies. If nature can make the change ahead of time, before they enter the body, they can become a perfect fuel.

When milk products are placed in the sick adult body, they only add mucus. The protein requirements for man are definitely proven by the changes occurring in the milk of the mother at different stages in the development of the child. The amount of protein in the milk diminishes as the child grows older. Starting at 2.38% protein at birth, it diminishes to 1.07% protein by six months of age. Cow's milk is 16% protein and suffocation can be caused from too much protein.

In an adult the liver bile digests the fat; with the heavy mucus building from high protein diets, most adults only compound the problems the liver already has to cope with by adding milk products to their diets. When there are problems with the powers of digestion, as in hormone balance, tumors, or cancer, milk only becomes an added burden and food for the microbe. LaDean Griffin explains how milk can be used, or the dried grains (mush, bread, etc.) in a fasting cleanse, say during a famine. If it is used only as: 1 glass of milk a day, or 1 bowl of mush a day, or 1 slice of bread a day along with sprouted grain to give the necessary Vitamin C, the body will start its process of elimination, because it is now living in a semi fasting state.


1. Loosen waste 2. Sustain the body 3. Cleanse


1. Slow down process of elimination 2. Sustain the body 3. Cleanse

Concentrated Foods

1. Do not loosen waste as do fruits 2. Sustain the body 3. Cleanse (only in semi fasting proportions) 1 glass milk daily 1 sandwich daily 1 bowl of wheat daily, etc. 4. Stop process of elimination somewhat 5. Sustain when taken in normal amounts and with correct food combinations. 6. When taken in excessive amounts, a. Clog the system b. Create mucus and poisons c. Chronic disease d. Create food for parasites and germs

When you experience a mild food diet and watch in your own body to see what happens, you find the fear of disease as well as the aches and pains leaving your body.

Vegetables as a Medicine

Herbs are quite simply vegetables, maybe unusual vegetables, but still vegetables. The foods we eat from the plant kingdom can in the same way act as medicines.

GRAINS Oats - This is what a traditional herbalist would call a nervine or tonic.

Barley - A body-building tissue healing grain that is good in all wasting or debility. It contains an alkaloid called hordenine which is diuretic, mildly relaxing for the chest. It is renowned as barley water for kidney problems where it can be combined with Corn Silk for urinary stones, infection or irritation.

Rice Water - This is full of the B vitamins and is traditionally used as first aid in diarrhea.

Wheat grass - A generally cleansing vegetable as salad or tea.

VEGETABLES Artichokes - This is a gently supportive and stimulating liver remedy that encourages balanced digestion and the avoidance of constipation.

Asparagus - The shoots are diuretic because of the asparagine present. They can help in removal or possibly breaking up kidney stones.

Avocados - A wonderful vegetable, that is rich in Vitamin E and Selenium, providing a solid foundation for a low allergen diet.

Beets - Valuable vegetable, the juice is reputedly anti-inflammatory and blood cleansing. This is the basis of all cancer raw juice therapy.

Cabbage - A great deal of praise has been written about this plant. Due to a small amount of an isothiocyamate present it is used in thyroid disease. It makes a wonderful poultice using the raw leaves for joint and muscle problems, skin wounds, etc. It is absorbing so may be used on ulcers, wounds, boils, acne, varicose ulcers and neuralgia.

Carrot - Contains carotene, the precursor of vitamin A. It is beneficial for cleansing. It is most useful for those on a limited diet. It is the most non allergenic of the root vegetables and is an alternative, especially aiding liver function. It is the main vegetable in raw juice therapy. Carrots improve resistance to infection and healing internal ulcers. They increase the red blood cell count and so may be used in anemia. The whole vegetable provides bulk in bowel disorders. Wild carrot seeds are a herbal diuretic, and wild root is specific for urinary stones.

Celery - An anti-inflammatory and anti rheumatic remedy when used as the seed. The stems and leaves are rich in calcium and will also help in easing the intensity of arthritis.

Leek - A relative to onion and garlic, it lowers cholesterol in the blood, normalizes clotting time, and is effective against kidney stones. It guards against infections, acts as a diuretic, soothes stomach and intestinal inflammations, and chest complaints. This was why it made the basis of stew for tuberculosis sufferers and other convalescence. As a herb, it is used as a decoction for the kidneys.

Lettuce - Is a herbal sedative whose milky latex has an opiate like action. The freshly made juice of Wild Lettuce may have the sedative opiate action, although this varies with climate and soil. Used safely as a medicinal vegetable in nervous bowel, colic, etc.

Olives - Technically a fruit, olives are usually considered vegetables in use. The are rich in unsaturated fats, but not the kind that are vital for health. The oil has been used as a temporary relief for gallbladder stones. Medicinally, it is used for kidney and bile duct problems. The leaf of the olive tree dilates peripheral blood vessels and is used to lower blood pressure.

Onion - The health properties of this amazing vegetable are legion. As with Garlic and leeks, onions reduce the clotting of platelets and can be anti-thrombitic. It is good for bronchial complaints and is used to lower raised blood sugar levels. As an antiseptic and anthelmintic, it is sterilizing to both mouth and throat, urinary infections such as cystitis and works as a diuretic. Raw it may be used as a poultice. Much of the medicinal action is lost is cooking.

Radishes - Is a circulatory stimulant. It will help to increase resistance and phlegm expectoration. It is also a diuretic and liver stimulant. FRUIT

Apple - One of the most effective non cereal bulk laxatives, high in pectin, which appears to lower cholesterol. This makes them indicated in cardio-vascular problems, along with other fruits. They are used for rheumatism and gout, congestive bronchitis, kidney and urinary tract problems as a soothing diuretic. It may help in liver disease. Apples are advisable food for most people; they give an acid feeling to teeth, there is a stimulation of alkaline saliva and washing, so are preventative to decay. Raw apples are cleansing to teeth and of all fruits, cause the least problems. Apricot - Rich in iron and minerals and so is used in anemia, the apricot is a bulk laxative and gentle alternative. It may be used fresh or dried.

Fig - This is a laxative, gently enough for children, good as food, or in syrups for adults. All syrups are teeth rotting. It can be used as poultice for wounds or piles. Dried figs are just as good. Like prunes, there is no acid when dried well.

Grapes - These are often considered the most cleansing of fruits.

Orange - Generally wonderful fruit gives problems to a minority of people. Oranges should not be eaten by migraine sufferers, or those that suffer from Arthritis. For most people they are fine. Tangerines act in similar ways, although grapefruit are usually all right and lemons almost never give trouble. pear - The large storage cells make the pear an inappropriate fruit in conditions such as diverticulitis, because it worsens any bowel inflammation, acting like sandpaper. Otherwise it is an excellent fruit.

Strawberry - Delicious fruit rich in salicylates, which may help in rheumatism. A fresh extract lowers raised blood pressure, it is high in iron, acts as a diuretic and aids liver function. The outer seeds may disturb diverticulitis, and some sensitive people develop skin allergies.

Hopefully this will help guide you in your choice of foods that will satisfy you. Of the above mentioned foods, try to vary as much as possible and pick what appeals to you.

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