From "Allergy and Candida Cooking Made Easy" by Sondra K. Lewis

"Due to the cause and effect interrelationship involved in Candida Related Complex (CRC), it often goes hand in hand with food allergies and leaky gut syndrome and many persons with CRC will also be sensitive to individual foods, additives, and preservatives. Because of this, it is very important to rotate and/or diversify the foods used in the Candida Control diet. This is especially advantageous during the early weeks and months of the CRC treatment program when the body is weakest and there is a greater chance of developing food allergies. In addition, if food allergies are present but unidentified, a rotational diet can help in identifying them and therefore aid recovery.
The rotary diversified diet was first developed in 1934 by Dr. Herbert J. Rinkel. It is used by people who

  1. have food sensitivities,
  2. are diagnosed chemically susceptible,
  3. are healthy members of a family prone to food allergies, or
  4. are health-conscious individuals.

A rotational diet is more enjoyable and less limiting than other diets with which you may be familiar. It is a controlled, rational way to eat which incorporates flexibility and accomplishes three main goals.

  1. Helps in the treatment of current food allergies by allowing the body to recover from the effects of a food before it is eaten again.
  2. Greatly lessens the chances of developing allergies to additional foods.
  3. Aids in identifying foods that could be causing problems.

Using a rotational format when starting the CRC treatment diet is especially important because feelings of deprivation may surface when foods are removed from the diet. To compensate, the frequent response is to overeat a substitute for the removed foods. Overeating an individual food increases the chances of developing a sensitivity to it. For example, when I eliminated wheat (my first known food allergen), I substituted rye crackers and popcorn and ate them often. Within two months I had developed allergies to rye and corn. So I substituted rice cakes, ate them often, and as a result developed an allergy to rice. Since a rotational format regulates exposure to an individual food, it can help prevent this cycle by aiding in the treatment of current allergies and lessening the chance of developing new ones"
Eating on Rotation
By following a rotational diet, you gain control over your exposure to foods that cause you cyclical food reactions. A four, five, six , seven or eight -day rotational diet maybe used. Whichever cycle length is used, each food eaten on a particular day is not eaten again until that day repeats again in the rotation. For example in the 4-day rotation, the broccoli and rice you eat on Day 1 will not be eaten again until the following Day 1, with three days in between.
Four days is generally a long enough rotation. persons with chronic constipation may need to cycle longer than 4 days until regular bowel movements are achieved

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