Honeyrose Menthol Cigarettes (20)

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Menthol Cigarettes
are the same as Special but with a menthol filter


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Menthol Cigarettes 
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Honeyrose Menthol Cigarettes overview

Menthol Cigarettes
are the same as Special but with a menthol filter

Further information about Honeyrose Menthol Cigarettes

Well done - you've taken the first step towards stopping smoking. Honeyrose Herbal Cigarettes and Smoking Mixtures can help you as they have helped thousand of others to Stop Smoking.
You have taken the first step towards living a tobacco-free, nicotine-free life, and the next step is to make a 'Stop Smoking Plan' for yourself. Honeyrose can help by providing you with a guideline Stop Smoking Plan as well as an alternative, herbal cigarette that is
Nicotine-free and
Shown in clinical trials to not adversely affect blood pressure or heart rate
Honeyrose has been making herbal cigarettes and smoking mixtures for over twenty years. During that time some people have come to rely on them as their best way to smoke a tobacco alternative, avoiding the harmful effects of tobacco and nicotine. Others use our products simply to kick the smoking habit completely.
Honeyrose offers you
a tailored 'Stop Smoking Plan' to suit you
non-addictive, natural, herbal cigarettes and smoking mixtures to ease your progress
the benefit of being able to continue to hold a herbal cigarette in the same way you would have held a tobacco cigarette, until you finally conquer the smoking habit for ever.
The following pages will tell you more about how Honeyrose herbal cigarettes and smoking mixtures can help you. There is a News page with success stories and interesting facts, and a page of testimonials so you can see how we have helped others, just like you, to stop smoking. You can also email your comments to us.
Honeyrose herbal cigarettes and smoking mixtures are available from your local Health Food Stores or any good Pharmacists, or if you prefer you can use the mail order services.
Through partnerships with Health Food Stores and Pharmacies, we have made it easier for you to reach out and try Honeyrose herbal cigarettes and smoking mixtures. Be sure to pick up a Stop Smoking Plan to help you to successfully stop smoking. We also have distributors throughout the world, ensuring that there should be a stockist near you.

Honeyrose Menthol Cigarettes warnings

Keep out of reach of children.

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