Vitamin L (Anthranilic Acid) - Essential Background Reading

Essential Background Reading

In the 1930s a group of Japanese researchers led by Dr. W. Nakahara isolated two distinct factors that were reported to be essential for lactation in the rat. They coined the term "Vitamin L" for these factors and proposed that they were essential for proper metabolism in humans. Subsequent studies indicated that factor L(1), extracted from bovine (calf) liver, was anthranilic acid. The second factor, L(2), was extracted from yeast and shown to be adenylthiomethylpentose. Later studies have confirmed that neither of these factors are essential to lactation either in rats or in humans. There are no proven symptoms from dietary deficiencies of either of these biochemicals.

Vitamin L1 is anthranilic acid or ortho-aminobenzoic acid, a vitamin required for lactation in human females. Vitamin L2 is adenyl thiomethylpentose, an alternate form of vitamin L.

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